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About Us

Who we are.

We are a full-service digital agency that uses cutting edge innovations to help your productivity, increase your brand‘s visibility through building and maintaining your image both online and offline in a way that keeps you ahead of your competitors.

We effectively create and design content that will help you improve your business profiles and align you to the right audiences, in return for profits.

We have fortified our hybrid of services to independently help you run your business successfully free from operational stress and technical burdens for you to accomplish your objectives.

Our Vision.

We understand that there is a growing need for corporate bodies and individuals to further innovate their business processes by using more interactive solutions. Through online and offline models, we assist business communities to restore their strengths, authenticity and profitability, all at the same time, to promote entrepreneurial culture.

Our Mission.

Our aim is to provide creative communication content and graphics using advanced technology as well as marketing support to make your business sustainable and increase your profitability by adopting the best business practices proved over time.

We seek to design compelling solutions for clients who want to foster understanding to the right audience. i-NICHE-ativ is positioned to respond to both digitization and strategic behaviors of global service providers, stimulating them to make better business decisions.

Our end-to-end integration is:
  • Customizable & Unique
  • Practical & Scalable
  • Easy to understand